Rules and Regulations

These rules are based on courtesy and consideration for fellow-members and are designed to ensure a well-run club for all.

  1. Club facilities and activities are for members in good standing who have paid their membership for the current season. Members must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Only the club instructor or a duly designated assistant is allowed to give lessons at the club.
  3. Memberships are not transferable. The lock combination given to members is confidential.
  4. Only appropriate tennis attire is allowed, and members may not remove their shirts. Shoes worn on the court must be tennis shoes only. When in doubt, consult the court steward.
  5. Courts may not be used before 7:30 A.M. because of the residence nearby.
  6. Singles may not be played when there are members waiting and playing. Playing time should be limited to 30 minutes.
  7. Tagged players have a grace period of five minutes after the hour or half hour to claim their court.
  8. Guests are permitted to play. A guest fee of $10.00 must be paid by the host member before the guest goes onto the court. The number of guests may be limited on active days. The guest fee should be placed in the guest book should the court steward not be present. Guests must be 18 years of age or older.
  9. The tag board must be used at all times. A member who has booked may claim a court over one who has not. Double booking is not permitted. A member may not be tagged for a future court while he/she is on the court. (A member may come off at court-change time and re-book a court that has not been booked by another member. However, the member may not come off the court and re-book until the court-change time has arrived.)
  10. A member may not book a court by telephone.
  11. No more than three balls may be used on one court unless: a) a lesson is being given on the court by the club instructor during approved lesson hours; or b) there are no players on any adjoining court. (A member using more than three balls on a court must stop doing so if a member begins play on an adjoining court.)
  12. A member entering a tournament is responsible for obtaining his/her match times from the club. A member who cannot play a scheduled match must give fair notice of default to his/her scheduled opponent and to the tournament convener. Determination of fair notice will be within the discretion of the convener. Fair notice would normally be considered 12 hours. A member who fails to provide fair notice of default will be suspended from entering all other club tournaments during the same playing season. A member who fails to provide fair notice of default for the Reg Cowan tournament will be suspended from entering this tournament during the next playing season. (A tournament suspension may be appealed, in writing, to the club executive.)
  13. In the event of a rescheduled tournament match, one court will be designated for the match. Members will be allowed to use the remaining courts for recreational tennis.
  14. Dogs should be kept away from the playing and sitting areas, and barking dogs should be removed from the vicinity as soon as possible, as a consideration for other members.
  15. All members and guests are asked to help keep the premises clean by picking up any litter on the court or on the grounds of the club. Spitting while on the courts is not permitted.
  16. The tennis courts and other club facilities must be locked if no member is present. At any time of day, the last member on the court is responsible for asking remaining guests to leave and for locking all club facilities.
  17. The executive committee, members of the club, and Trinity College are not responsible for loss or damage to property or for any bodily or personal injury sustained by any member or anyone else on the premises, regardless of the cause that results in such loss or injury.
  18. Membership is not refundable, but the Executive committee, at its discretion, may consider special situations.
  19. The club will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour from members or their guests at the club or at club events. At its discretion, the executive committee may suspend or revoke the membership of a violent or abusive member, with no refund of club fees.
  20. The grounds and rules chairperson and the court steward have the responsibility for ensuring that members observe these Rules and Regulations. The executive committee may take whatever action it may deem necessary against any member who is found to have breached these Rules and Regulations. Every member has a right to object to an infringement of the rules.
  21. The membership telephone directory is circulated for the convenience of members, and is meant for use in arranging games, or club business. Making abusive or harassing phone calls or otherwise misusing the information in the directory are grounds for revoking of club membership.